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  • White Ribbon Campaign

    Gender inequality is not a Women’s issue but a larger socio political, development issue. Therefore though empowerment of women and girls is absolutely essential, sensitizing men and boys is a necessity. Women are socialized to value the so called masculine virtues as inherently superior to the so called feminine ones and therefore there is an urgent need to change the mind set of men as well as women. With the above understanding, EKTA works consistently with the sensitization of men and boys along with women and girls.

     In the year 2000, the ‘White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) was launched by EKTA in Tamil Nadu.  This campaign recognizes men’s ability to care and speak out against violence on women and encourages their participation in actions on promotion of gender equality.

    WRC has undertaken various activities like holding public meetings, seminars, film shows and facilitating debate and discussions among youth to create awareness and influence men to drop the weapon of violence against women.  A networking at the south Asia region is in its initial stage.