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  • Gender and Governance

    Women as Leaders

    Governance, is the process of decision- making and the process by which decisions are implemented; therefore it is very important for women to be part of this process in order to address the gender based discriminations and inequality. Tamil Nadu has a long history of decentralization, in ancient days, the agrarian villages had a local democratic governance system known as Ooravai. Though the central authority might have been a monarchy, the villages had local democratic self-governing institutions. Villages had a complex but very authentic system of local self-governance. Under the Cholas, for example, the local governance system contained of four tiers: a) Oor, b) Sabha, c) Nadu and d) Nagaram.

    Though there is substantial amount of progress after the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments, the overall situation with regard to women’s participation in governance is not very encouraging. The bureaucracy, higher-level political representatives and the prevailing caste system seem to dominate the elected representatives of local self-governing institutions. Thus Ekta gives utmost priority to create space and visibility for women in this area of Governance.

    The follow up of the Gender Responsive Budget training was organized and the participants were asked to analyze the budget of their own organization to strengthen their perspective. It was also decided to have a meeting after the State budget presentation in April

    Monitoring of budgets from gender perspective was undertaken in two panchayats in Madurai. This has helped us to formulate the advocacy asks like allocation of funds for awareness creation on Gender based violence and also some assistance to women victims within the budget of PRIs.

    Besides, Ekta is actively participating in the National initiatives to pressurize the government to pass the long pending Women’s Reservation Bill.