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  • Counselling

    Resolving Conflicts and Enhancing Self Esteem

    EKTA, through its counselling process enables a person to sort out issues and reach decisions affecting his/ her life. It involves talking to the client (mostly women and very few men) to provide a personal space, which is denied often in their maternal and matrimonial houses. Our counselling helps them to make their own decision or create conditions to understand and/ or improve their life circumstances. Ekta’s counselling is tilted towards furthering human rights and social feminism, though the choice is finally with the individual woman.

    EKTA offers counselling on:

    • Socio-legal
    • Marital disputes
    • Economic exploitation
    EKTA provides counselling to women and their families irrespective of their class. Based on the merit of the case, we help them to get referrals to Police and Family Courts. For litigation process, we get the help of specialised agencies.