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  • About Us

    EKTA established itself in 1990 at Madurai as a Resource centre to create a gender just society. EKTA adopts a life cycle approach and works with women, men, youth and adolescents in the educational institutions, rural and urban areas. It promotes issue-based campaigns to end violence against women, facilitates networks for experiential sharing and collective action. It advocates and lobbies for gender sensitive policy changes to further the interest of women and address gender based violence in particular.

    Our Vision

    Empowerment of women and girls and conscientization of men and boys towards Gender Equality through Capacity Building, Documentation and Research, Networking, Lobbying and Advocacy and Grass root interventions in Tamil Nadu.

    Our Mission

    => promoting equality before law and eradicate all forms of discrimination against women and girls

    => Facilitating good governance at all levels promoting consultative, participatory and inclusive practice

    => Sensitizing women/girls /men/ boys towards gender equality.

    => Protecting and promoting socio-economic, political rights of women and children of marginalized communities.

    Our Main Concerns

    • Gender Mainstreaming
    • Gender and Governance
    • Gender and Human Rights
    • Addressing Violence Against Women
    • Protection and Promotion of Girl Child Right

    Our Board

    Our General Body consists of both male and female developmental professionals, which meets annually. The Executive Body meets on a quarterly basis and consists of women.

    Our Staff

    Ekta’s team consists mostly of women staff members.The team is committed to social change process and constantly engaged in updating their knowledge and experiences.

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