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  • SWEEP (Strengthening Women’s Empowerment through Electrol Processes) Campaign


    EKTA Resource Centre for Women was established in the year 1990.  Since inception, the organization focuses on strengthening of women leadership at various levels. The 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment created the opportunity for women to actively participate in the Panchayat Raj System.

    EKTA has prioritized ‘Strengthening of Grass-root Governance’ in its programme components and has been working with representatives of local governance on a sustained manner ever since the first election was declared in Tamil Nadu in 1996 under the New Panchayat Raj Act.  It is also engaged in creating awareness about the Constitutional Amendment and Panchayat Raj Act and has conducted various capacity building processes like trainings, field exposure for elected representatives and potential women leaders.  EKTA also brought out educational and training materials like. posters, handbills and training manuals.  EKTA as a support organization believes in working together and so consistently works in collaboration with like-minded NGOs in Tamil Nadu.

    The Hunger Project (THP) has been active in India since 1984 and currently works across 10 states. The Hunger Project mobilizes people for self-reliant action, empower women as key change agents and engage with local government to create powerful women leaders.

    The Hunger Project supports pre-election campaign called SWEEP (Strengthening Women’s Empowerment through Electoral Processes). EKTA partnered with THP to facilitate and strengthen women’s participation in the 2011 PRI election in Madurai, Dindigul and Cuddalore districts of Tamilnadu.

    ( To know more about the campaign please email us – mdu_ekta@rediffmail.com, ektanambikkai@gmail.com)