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  • PWDVA – Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act

    Protecting Women 

    With the enactment of PWDVA, Indian women’s movement can rejoice on having achieved a milestone long overdue. However, after achieving the first milestone, the journey towards domestic violence-free life for women has just begun. It has been seen that countries which have strong laws but if not implemented properly, it fails to serve the very purpose for which they were drafted. The need today is to make effective use of this legislation to protect women.

    EKTA is closely associated with Lawyer’s Collective and holds membership in Women Power Connect (WPC). WPC is engaged in monitoring the implementation of this awareness at various levels as well the Country wide Act.

    To strengthen the monitoring process at the State level, EKTA on a regular basis,  organises awareness programmes, training at various levels and organises interface with different stakeholders involved in the  implementation of this Act.