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  • Networking

    EKTA envisages social change as a process of collective action and reflection, and therefore networks with similar thinking organisations and individuals. We link up with organisations, networks at various levels through meetings and facilitates study circles. These networks are represented by women from different professional backgrounds to debate current and emerging issues of women.

    EKTA organises workshops and public events for wider constituencies. For example, we have made students and men take part in campaigns through the White Ribbon Campaign against violence on women.

    We work with the following institutions and organisations:

    • IWPG
    • Local and State Government Departments – Women Rights
    • State Social Welfare Board – Women and Children Rights
    • State and National Commission for Women – Women Rights
    • Universities and Colleges – Advocacy and Lobbying fir Gender Equity
    • UNDP – Governance and Panchayat Raj
    • Centre for Youth and Social Development (CYSD) – Governance
    • Social Watch – Governance
    • Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Panchayat Raj Studies – Governance
    • ISS – Governance
    • Peoples Watch – Human Rights
    • South Asian Network to Address Masculinities  (SANAM) – gender and masculinities
    • National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS) – Advocacy and Lobbying for Gender Equality
    • FEDCOT – Consumer Rights
    • Voluntary Action Network in India (VANI) – Information dissemination
    • National Alliance of Women (NAWO) – Networking of Women
    • Women Power Connect (WPC) – (33% reservation for women)