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  • Nambikkai Centre

    Caring and housing for the girl children of the poor

    Our Nambikkai Centre

    Nambikkai Centre established in 2007 accommodates 30 girls.

    At the centre, we provide maximum opportunity to explore creative skills of the girls who are with us. We provide opportunity for the girls to learn games, different sports, dance and music. This Centre also acts as a drop-in centre for women and children in need.

    We provide regular health check-ups and attend to immediate emergencies of the children.

    We give career guidance counselling to prepare the girls for their future.

    Girls at our Nambikkai Centre

    Some of our girls have represented in the District level sports events and all of them show improvement in their studies.

    The space of Nambikkai centre has helped EKTA to host many programmes like Women’s Day, Children’s Camp and many other activities. The villagers extend their support and take part in these activities.