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  • Field Intervention Programme

    Opening doors for women and children

    After the Tsunami in 2005, EKTA conducted a study on gender and tsunami in collaboration with other voluntary organisations and affected women in nine districts of Tamil Nadu.

    The study highlighted the following facts:

    • The vulnerability of single women emerged as the key issue. Women were not recognised as working people and therefore did not receive any compensation.
    • The Irulas and other marginalized communities working on the river beds affected by Tsunami were completely left out in the compensation package.
    • School dropouts, early marriage, child labour, unwed pregnancy, migration, anaemia were the other predominant issues in this region.

    Based on this outcome, EKTA identified 21 villages in Cuddalore district (the second worst hit district) and directed its work with children, adolescent girls and single women.

    CESVI (www.cesvi.org) an Italian donor came forward to support the EKTA’s initiative with focus on protection and promotion of child rights.

    Happy children at our education programme

    Since then using the frame work of UN-CRC, we work to protect and promote the rights of children in these villages in particular and the district at large.